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Sixteenth Sunday of the Year (Year C)

21 July 2019


Services this week:


Saturday 20 July


5.00pm Mass



Sunday 21 July


10.00am Mass



Monday 22 July

(St Mary Magdalene)


No Mass or Service



Tuesday 23 July

(St Bridget)


No Mass or Service




Wednesday 24 July


No Mass or Service                    




Thursday 25 July

(St James)


9.30am Exposition

10.00am Mass



James Devlin


Friday 26 July

(St Joachim & St Anne)


10.00am Mass


Tony Vercoe


Saturday 27 July


10.00am Mass

5.00pm Mass


Edith Heneghan

Norina Leone


Sunday 28 July


10.00am Mass


Bill Strawn



Confession: On request.


Thank you for your offerings last week:  Offertory £685; Building Fund £215;  Stall £100; Papers £15; Teas £95. Contributions by Standing Order £299.  Attendance 170.


Teas/Coffee in the Church Hall after Mass on Sunday and Thursday. All welcome.


Please welcome Monsignor Charlie Cavanagh, who will celebrate Masses this weekend.


Today’s Liturgy: Jesus visits the home of Martha. For such a short Gospel passage, this text has created much discussion among biblical scholars. It seems everyone is this story is breaking the rules: Jesus rebukes his host, Mary does not help her sister, and Martha is not sitting at Jesus’ feet like a good disciple. Luke’s gospel is all about ‘reversal’: what you expect to happen does not happen, often the opposite happens! Confused? Mary is positioned here as a disciple learning from her Teacher. Martha as one who is trying to serve through ‘many tasks.’ Throughout his Gospel, Luke places a special emphasis on the wider circle of Jesus’ disciples, and names the women who follow Him. Luke is perhaps reminding us in this text that being a follower of Jesus requires an upset of the norms and a reversal of roles.

     This story occurs in Luke immediately after the Good Samaritan, where the importance of service and action are clearly emphasised. It seems unfair that Martha is being told off for serving those who come to her. If Jesus arrived with a hungry entourage, what host would not be stressed out! Jesus frees Martha from these duties, not because they are not important, but so that she too can be nourished by him. Frantic activity is never good or sustainable for us.

     Let today’s Gospel be a reminder that when we are bogged down in the craziness around us, we can sit and listen to Him. Then we may be better prepared for the challenges that we face, whether they be in our homes or our wider communities.                 (Reflection by Triona Doherty)


Seeing your life through the lens of the Gospel: Many people misunderstand hospitality. They worry and fret about decorating the house and preparing abundant food. Yet sometimes it is something else that is needed to make people feel at home; namely, to sit with guests and to listen to them. What has been your experience of being a cherished guest and when have you been able to make others feel welcome and at home?        (Fr John Byrne OSA)