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20th January 2019

2nd Sunday of the Year  (Year C)




Services this week:



Saturday 19 January


5.00pm Vigil Mass


People of the Parish   



Sunday 20 January


10.00am Mass


Gerald McMahon



Monday 21 January

(St Agnes)


No Mass or Service





Tuesday 22 January


7.00pm Mass


Special Intention



Wednesday 23 January


10.00am Mass


Helen de Palette



Thursday 24 January

(St Francis de Sales)


10.00am Service




Friday 25 January

(Conversion of St Paul)


10.00am Mass


Special Intention



Saturday 26 January

(St Timothy & St Titus)


10.00am Mass

5.00pm Vigil Mass


Isobel Slater

People of the Parish



Sunday 27 January


10.00am Mass


Ethna McLaughlin


Confession: Tuesday 6.30pm; on request.


Thank you for your offerings last week: Offertory £390; Building Fund £395; Teas £55; Papers £25; Hall donations £40. Attendance 191.  Money Counters this week: Team 1.


Teas/Coffee in the Church Hall after Masses on Sunday and Thursday. All welcome.



Grief to Grace: Father Dominic Allain, International Pastoral Director of “Grief to Grace” (an apostolate which aims to being healing and peace to those affected by sexual abuse) will lead an afternoon entitled: “Grief to Grace – the Effects and Treatment of Sexual Abuse” on Saturday 16th February 2019 at Gillis Centre, Edinburgh, 2pm-5pm. To register go to: Entry is free.


Day of Study and Reflection for Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion: 23 February 2019, Gillis Centre, Edinburgh. Registration 11am followed by a talk plus Q&A with Father John Deighan. The day concludes with a Holy Hour and Confessions ending at 3:30pm. To book, please contact Anne Lamond:


Erskine Arts Club meets in St Joseph’s Church Hall on Monday mornings, 10.00am-12 noon. All welcome – arts or crafts, sewing, knitting, painting, drawing…


Charity Knit and Knatter, Fridays, 10.30am to 12.30pm in the Church Hall. All welcome.


Today’s Liturgy: This is a familiar story, rich in symbolism. It is the first ‘sign’ recorded in John’s Gospel. These ‘signs’ in John’s Gospel are miracle stories but John prefers to use the term ‘sign,’ as they point to something far more than just the miracle itself. John used these signs to encourage belief in his readers but they are also an invitation for us to understand something more of how God operates in our lives.

     Jesus transforms the water which would be used for the Jewish purification rite. He takes something used to give life to people, and transforms it into something which brings joy, celebration and new life to the party. There are many messages we can take from this account: the ability of God to transform our lives, to transform that which is dead and stale. The abundance of wine (approx. 700 litres!) is a significant reminder of the abundance of God’s love for us, beyond our comprehension.

     We could also focus on the role of Mary in this Gospel – she is the one who notices, she is attentive to the needs of those around her and brings this concern to Jesus. We might pray today that we too may be able to notice, to see, to intervene when we are faced with situations that need attention. This may be a situation of injustice or it may be a situation where something in our own lives or in our church has become dead and stale and is in desperate need of new wine.

                                                                               (Reflection by Jane Mellett)

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