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Bulletin – Friday 9th April 2021


This week’s Services:


Saturday 10th


5.00pm Vigil Mass


James McGovern


Sunday 11th

(2nd Sunday of Easter) 


10.00am Mass



People of the Parish


Monday 12th


No Service



Tuesday 13th


7.00pm Mass


Thomas Green


Wednesday 14th


10.00am Mass


Liz Wainhouse


Thursday 15th


10.00am Mass


Agnes Hackett


Friday 16th


10,00am Mass


Special Intention


Saturday 17th  


10.00am Mass

5.00pm Vigil Mass 


Special Intention



Sunday 18th


10.00am Mass



People of the Parish


Attendance at Mass

Attendance is restricted to our building’s capacity of 45.  No booking is necessary for weekday Mass, but to assure a place at the Saturday Vigil or Sunday morning Mass you should reserve on Eventbrite St Joseph's Church Burntisland Events | Eventbrite     If you are unable to use Eventbrite or are having difficulties, please contact Fr James. 


200 Club

Congratulations to the winners of the March 200 Club Draw, made by Michael Bargeton in the Church Hall on Sunday 4th April:

£200 Colin Barton (165); £100  Mary Wishart (142); £50 Susan Ayres (107); £20 Marion Heggie (171); £20 Brian McMorrin (44); £20 Alex Kinnear (112).

I also received a cheque for the Building Fund for £6510, a fantastic sum, so thanks to everyone for your support.  Fr James


New Offertory Envelopes

These are now available in the porch. Many people have chosen to pay by Standing Order – thank you for that.  If anyone would like a set of envelopes, please ask Fr James.


Year of St Joseph – St Joseph’s Family Prayer Book

To celebrate the Year of St Joseph the Archdiocese has prepared a very useful little Family Prayer Book, which is available free of Church.  Please collect a copy if you come to Church – and take some to deliver to parishioners who live nearby and perhaps aren’t able to come to Church for public services.


An Act of Spiritual Communion

My Jesus, 

I believe that You are present in the Most Holy Sacrament. 

I love You above all things, 

and I desire to receive You into my soul. 

Since I cannot at this moment receive You sacramentally, 

come at least spiritually into my heart.

I embrace You as if You were already there and unite myself wholly to You.

Never permit me to be separated from You.  Amen.


Grace: The Church’s Hidden Treasure (Zoom)

Easter is a season of grace, so register now for a six week course titled Grace: The Church’s Hidden Treasure. It is hosted by the Archdiocese and takes place on Mondays at 7:30pm, starting 19th April. Sessions will focus on grace according to the teaching of Saint Thomas Aquinas in the Summa Theologica.  It will include an introduction on how to read the Summa, its structure, and how to go through one of Saint Thomas’ articles. The webinar course is organised by the Catechetical Commission of the Archdiocese and led by Fr Kevin Douglas (St Peter’s & St Columba’s, Edinburgh) and Sr Anna Marie McGuan RSM. Register now at  Sessions will be recorded.

Exterminating Poverty or the Poor? A Scottish Doctor’s Story (Zoom)

Mark H Sutherland & Neil Sutherland, authors of ‘Exterminating Poverty’, will tell the true story of how a Scottish doctor took on Marie Stopes 100 years ago, and why this matters today. This webinar will inform and inspire those who take up the pro-life fight today.  It takes place at 7:45pm on Monday 26th April. Register now on Eventbrite


Reflection for 2nd Sunday of Easter (Jane Mellett)

We do not come through suffering and difficult times unscarred. We are changed by them. Often it brings some sort of growth into our lives and usually it is not a pleasant experience. We only have to think of the past year of lockdowns and isolation and fear. In Pope Francis’ new book, Let us Dream, he says ‘To enter into crisis is to be sifted. Your categories and ways of thinking get shaken up; your priorities and lifestyles are challenged. You cross a threshold, either by your own choice or by necessity, because there are crises, like the one we are going through, that you can’t avoid.’

     Today’s Gospel shows us that even the most difficult situations can be transformed. The Risen Christ stands amongst the disciples even though the doors were firmly closed. The peace that he gives them (Shalom) is a peace of body, of mind and of spirit and it moves the disciples from despair and being ‘locked away’ to ‘rejoicing’. Jesus then asks the disciples to be an unending witness to God’s love. They, and we, are invited to be for others what Jesus has been for them. The Risen Jesus is active in all our lives and in the world around us, but we must be careful not to close ourselves off or let fear take over. John tells us that he writes these things so that we may come to believe and have life. Our call is to bring this peace and joy to others, ‘so I send you’. Who can you reach out to today?


Thomas Reflecting  (from the Iona Community “Stages on the Way”)

I expected him to give me a row,

Not – as you might think –

for doubting.


We had all doubted, at different times, and he was never angry.


Indeed, he doubted himself, sometimes,

or, if he didn’t,

he certainly understood how it felt,

 because he would sing the Psalms of doubt

with great fervour.


Doubt wasn’t an enemy to him.

He could stand us doubting.

It was indifference he couldn’t thole:

indifference and apathy.


I expected him to give me a row

perhaps for making conditions.


I did do that and I won’t deny it.


‘If only I see this and do that … then I’ll believe.’


Fancy me,

thinking I could make conditions with God,

but he didn’t take me to task.


He saw that I was happy because I had seen

and he said that they were also happy

who believed without making conditions,

without saying ‘if only’ or ‘unless’.


I expected him to give me a row

because I wasn’t there when he came.


The others were present. I was absent.

It wasn’t their fault or his fault,

It was mine.

I had – for whatever reason –

decided that it was all finished.


He came back to say it was all beginning.


I expected him to give me a row.

But he didn’t.

He gave me his hand and, more than that,

he gave me his peace.   


Children’s Liturgy online:  Resources are available on the Archdiocesan Facebook page and also


Intercessions for daily prayer

For the Church: that through the gift of the Spirit, we recognize God’s presence with us and profess with Thomas, “My Lord and My God”

For all the newly baptized: that their faith may continue to grow and that they may generously offer loving service to those in need

For the gift of peace: that Christ’s gift may abide with us and sustain us through all the challenges of life

For a spirit of openness: that we may be open to God’s love and forgiveness, which God abundantly pours out for us

For our growth as children of God: that God will give us the grace and strength to love God with all our hearts and keep the commandments God has given us

For the grace of reconciliation: that God will help us to turn from selfishness, forgive those who have injured us and be instruments of reconciliation in our society

For Confessors, Spiritual Directors and all ministers of reconciliation: that the Holy Spirit will give them wisdom and insight to help others recognize to the length and breadth of God’s love and mercy

For a renewed desire for the sacrament of penance: that God will help us recognize the healing and power that one can experience in the sacrament

For all who are questioning their faith or God presence in their lives: that the Spirit will guide them to new insights and help them recognize God’s presence through the witness of Christian’s love and service

For a renewal of our faith communities: that, like the early church, we may see the needs of others as our needs and open our hearts and resources to assist them

For a blossoming of faith: that God will enrich our faith so that we may be victors over the lies, illusions, and false promises that secular culture promotes

For all who are in need, particularly those who suffer violence, are recovering from natural disasters or lack resources for daily living: that God will give them strength, help them to trust, and move the hearts of many to assist them

For healing: that the Spirit will renew the gift of life in all who are sick, discouraged, struggling with addictions or weakness that comes with aging

For an end to violence: that Christ's victory over death will turn hearts from violence and revenge and help us to respect the value and dignity of each human life

For peace: that the Spirit will open dialogue and new understanding amongst nations, communities, and families who are in conflict

Stay safe and keep well.    Father James