St Joseph’s Church

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Bulletin – Friday 2nd April 2021


This week’s Services:


Saturday 3rd


8.00pm  Vigil Mass  FULLY BOOKED

Ann McCarthy and deceased members of the Connelly family


Sunday 4th

(Easter Sunday) 


10.00am Mass   ALMOST FULL



People of the Parish


Monday 5th


No Service



Tuesday 6th


7.00pm Mass


Catherine Crossan


Wednesday 7th


10.00am Mass


Jean Daly


Thursday 8th


10.00am Mass


Anne Brown


Friday 9th


10,00am Mass


Hugh Differ


Saturday 10th  


10.00am Mass

5.00pm Vigil Mass 


Special Intention

James McGovern


Sunday 11th


10.00am Mass



People of the Parish



Attendance at Mass

Attendance is restricted to our building’s capacity of 45.  No booking is necessary for weekday Mass, but to assure a place at the Saturday Vigil or Sunday morning Mass you should reserve on Eventbrite St Joseph's Church Burntisland Events | Eventbrite     If you are unable to use Eventbrite or are having difficulties, please contact Fr James. 



The Easter Vigil will be livestreamed on Facebook.  Easter Sunday Mass will be uploaded to Facebook and YouTube as soon as possible after Mass on Sunday morning.  






New Offertory Envelopes

These are now available in the porch. Many people have chosen to pay by Standing Order – thank you for that.  If anyone would like a set of envelopes, please ask Fr James.


Year of St Joseph – St Joseph’s Family Prayer Book

To celebrate the Year of St Joseph the Archdiocese has prepared a very useful little Family Prayer Book, which is available free of Church.  Please collect a copy if you come to Church – and take some to deliver to parishioners who live nearby and perhaps aren’t able to come to Church for public services.


An Act of Spiritual Communion

My Jesus, 

I believe that You are present in the Most Holy Sacrament. 

I love You above all things, 

and I desire to receive You into my soul. 

Since I cannot at this moment receive You sacramentally, 

come at least spiritually into my heart.

I embrace You as if You were already there and unite myself wholly to You.

Never permit me to be separated from You.  Amen.

200 Club January & February Draws

Congratulations to the winners in the January and February Draws, drawn on Sunday 28th March by Michael Bargeton. 

January Draw:  £200 Winnie Daly (51); £100 Linda Armstrong (85); £50 Joan McKenna (76); £20 Jack Lascelles (69); £20 Anne Marie McMorrin (158); £20 John Burnett (90).

February Draw: £200 Brian Flynn (125); £100 David Barton (8); £50 Pauline Bald (53); £20 Peter Casey (137); £20 Sandra Wheatley (52); £20 Marjorie Smith (175).


Grace: The Church’s Hidden Treasure (Zoom)
Easter is a season of grace, so register now for a six week course titled Grace: The Church’s Hidden Treasure. It is hosted by the Archdiocese and takes place on Mondays at 7:30pm, starting 19th April. Sessions will focus on grace according to the teaching of Saint Thomas Aquinas in the Summa Theologica.  It will include an introduction on how to read the Summa, its structure, and how to go through one of Saint Thomas’ articles. The webinar course is organised by the Catechetical Commission of the Archdiocese and led by Fr Kevin Douglas (St Peter’s & St Columba’s, Edinburgh) and Sr Anna Marie McGuan RSM. Register now at  Sessions will be recorded.

Exterminating Poverty or the Poor? A Scottish Doctor’s Story (Zoom)
Mark H Sutherland & Neil Sutherland, authors of ‘Exterminating Poverty’, will tell the true story of how a Scottish doctor took on Marie Stopes 100 years ago, and why this matters today. This webinar will inform and inspire those who take up the pro-life fight today.  It takes place at 7:45pm on Monday 26th April. Register now on Eventbrite

Reflection for Easter Sunday (Triona Doherty)

   Today we celebrate the highpoint of the Christian calendar, Easter. The Gospel tells us that Mary Magdalen is the first witness to the Resurrection, she is the first to bring this Good News to others, the first preacher of the Resurrection. ‘It was still dark …’ when Mary went to the tomb but it was also the ‘first day of the week’, a new beginning, like the first warm day of Spring. We can all recall situations in our lives which seemed so dark, where we felt that there was no light at the end of the tunnel. But the Easter story shows us that transformation is always possible. There comes a point during dark times that we realise something has changed, the stone has rolled away.

     Let the linen wrappings in this text today represent all that keeps us from being free; all that keeps us captive, emotionally, physically, spiritually, in our broken relationships and struggling communities. As we continue to deal with the effects of the COVID-19 crisis, many people are longing for this situation to ease, to lift. The Easter Gospel shows us that even the most difficult of situations can bring transformation. A question we can ask today, is where have we seen the Risen Christ during this crisis? In the frontline workers, in good neighbours and friends. Where are we being called to share Easter joy with others?

Jesus you are with us. Keep us ever mindful of how you are a part of our lives in a deep and profound way. Surprise us with a touch of your love in places where we never thought that we would find you.’ (Joyce Rupp)


Children’s Liturgy online:  Resources are available on the Archdiocesan Facebook page and also


Easter Reflection

Where have you gone, Lord?

Where have we put you?

Into tight spaces

where we can contain you.

Within the confines of our limitations

where we can control you.

Inside four walls

where we feel safe.

Where have you gone, Lord?

Where have we put you?

Into rule books

where we can claim to understand you.

Inside our churches

where we can claim ownership of you.

Into creeds tailored to the chosen

where we can rest easy.

Where have you gone, Lord?

Where have we put you?

Not, surely, in a garden

where you have free rein

to walk among weeds

and risk getting dirty?

Not, surely, where women weep

and wonder at their foolishness?

Not, surely, where we lie weakened

through pushing stones to keep you

where we want you?

Where have you gone, Lord?

Where have we put you?

Forgive us.

Rescue us.

Set us free.

Intercessions for daily prayer

For the Church: that we may radiate the light of Christ each day and confidently live as daughters and sons of God

For all the newly baptized: that they may faithfully follow Jesus and keep the light of Christ burning in their lives

For all children: that they may live and grow in peace, celebrating God's love each day of their life

For all the baptized: that Christ will pour out the Spirit upon us and enable us to continue the mission of bringing hope, meaning, and love to our society

For all who find themselves walking in darkness or doubting their faith: that they may encounter the Risen Lord who brings light to their journey and peace to their hearts

For healing of hearts and relationships: that the Risen Lord will open the path to reconciliation and healing in families, communities, and amongst co-workers

For all who struggle for peace and justice: that God will provide a new springtime of faith that will yield an abundant harvest to their efforts

For all who are suffering: that the Risen Lord will bring hope, safety, and new opportunities to the poor, the unemployed, refugees, immigrants, and run-away children

For all who are ill: that Christ will heal the sick, give strength to those facing an extended recovery, and deliver the human family from the Coronavirus

For an end to violence: that God will turn hearts from using violence to settle differences, open options for dialogue, and protect the innocent from harm

For all who are alone or isolated: that the joy of Christ resurrection will renew their spirits and that they may find strength in God’s abiding presence

For all who are grieving: that God will give them peace and hope as they hear the Good News of Christ’s resurrection

For all who have died, particularly those who died from violence or Covid-19: that Christ may welcome them into the eternal light and joy of God’s presence

For the gift of peace: that the Spirit of God will bring forth a springtime of peace in our cities, our nation, and amongst nations so that all people may live in safety and with dignity


Have a Happy and Blessed Easter. Stay safe and keep well.    Father James