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Bulletin – Friday 8th January 2021


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Sunday 10th  

(The Baptism of the Lord)


Mass available online from Saturday 5.00pm



Thomas Molloy


Monday 11th


10.00am Mass


Special Intention 


Tuesday 12th


10.00am Mass


Br Donald MacDonald


Wednesday 13th

(St Kentigern)


10.00am Mass


Wilma Swan


Thursday 14th  


10.00am Mass


Susan Mackie


Friday 15th


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Mary Syme


Saturday 16th


10.00am Mass


Ann Lynagh


Sunday 17th

(2nd Sunday of the Year)  


Mass available online from Saturday 5.00pm



Ellen Ferrie


Closure of Places of Worship

As you know, the Scottish Government closed Places of Worship as part of the tightening of measures to combat the spread of the new strain of Covid-19. We can expect this to last at least until the end of the month.


An Act of Spiritual Communion

My Jesus, 

I believe that You are present in the Most Holy Sacrament. 

I love You above all things, 

and I desire to receive You into my soul. 

Since I cannot at this moment receive You sacramentally, 

come at least spiritually into my heart.

I embrace You as if You were already there and unite myself wholly to You.

Never permit me to be separated from You.


Sacramental Talks 

Rediscover the power of the Sacraments in a new online talk titled Fire & Water, covering confirmation and baptism. Sign up for your deanery area by emailing All talks on Zoom. Fife: Mon 11 Jan 2:00pm.


Weddings: Are you planning to marry this year? You should give you parish priest at least six months’ notice before the date of your wedding. Marriage preparation course dates are now available for the Archdiocese. Find them at 

or email


Week of Prayer for Christian Unity 

This takes place from 18-25 January. Resources are available at


Voucher Available

A parishioner is offering a voucher for West Coast Railways to the value of £99.  The voucher must be redeemed by 31st March 2021, with travel to be taken by 31st December 2021. This gift voucher can be redeemed on any West Coast Railways trip (Jacobite, Dalesman, Spirit Of The Lakes, Scarborough Spa Express, Railtours or Northern Belle trips subject to availability). If anyone would like to take up this very generous offer, please contact Fr James.


Amazon Shopping  

Please remember, when shopping at Amazon, to access their site through the link on the parish website – or use the link below. The parish gets a small reward based on what you spend.


Reflection for the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord (Triona Doherty)

Today we celebrate the Baptism of Jesus, the moment when God reveals who Jesus is. Our readings are rich with water imagery. Water is a powerful symbol throughout the Scriptures, from the story of creation and the crossing of the Red Sea, to the wedding feast at Cana and Jesus’ encounter with the woman at the well. It is a symbol of life and newness, an opportunity for God to reach out to us, be present with us and teach us something, as well as an opportunity for cleansing and a fresh start.

     Our gospel today tells of Jesus being baptised by John in the river Jordan. This immersion in water marks the beginning of Jesus’ ministry. By approaching John for baptism, along with all the others, Jesus is identifying with the people and allowing himself to be counted among sinners. It is a sign that he submitting to God’s will. At this crucial moment, as soon as he emerges from the Jordan, Jesus sees the heavens open and the voice of God confirming him as ‘Beloved Son’. It is a moment of divine approval, confirming Jesus’ identity and launching him on his new mission.

     The baptism of Jesus is a reminder of our own identity and mission. We are beloved daughters and sons of God, sisters and brothers of Jesus, members of God’s family. In today’s first reading we are invited: ‘Come to the water all you who are thirsty’. We are called to the water, to that moment when we recognise who Jesus is, who we are, and our mission to live as children of God.

‘In order to live a life of holiness, we must first receive new life from God — we must be born from above.’

J. Vernon McGee

Children’s Liturgy online: 

Resources are available on the Archdiocesan Facebook page and also


Meditation:  I never wanted to be born

(Written originally for the funeral service of a group of teenagers who had been killed in a car crash)


I never wanted to be born.

The older I grew,

the fonder I became of my mother’s womb

and its warmth

and its safety.

I feared the unknown:           

the next world,

about which I knew nothing

but imagined the worst.

Yet as I grew older, 

I sensed in my soul

that the womb was not my home forever.

Though I did not know when,

I felt sure that one day

I would disappear through a door

which had not yet opened,

and confront the unknown

of which I was afraid.

And then,

it happened.

In blood, tears and pain,

it happened.

I was cut off from the familiar;

I left my life behind

and discovered not darkness but light,          

not hostility but love,             

not eternal separation but hands that wanted to hold me.




I never wanted to be born.

I don’t want to die. The older I grow,

the fonder I become

of this world

and its warmth

and its safety.

I fear the unknown;

the next world,

about which I know nothing

but imagine the worst.


Yet as I grow older,

I sense in my soul

that this world is not my home forever.

Though I do not know when,

I feel that one day

I will disappear through a door

which has yet to be opened.

Perhaps having come so safely through the first door, I should not fear so hopelessly the second.


John L. Bell, He Was In The World: meditations for public worship [Wild Goose Publications, 1995]


Intercessions for daily prayer

1. For the Church: that we may allow the Holy Spirit to empower and enlighten us so that our lives may manifest that we are the beloved daughters and sons of God

2. For all Christians: that we may participate more fully in the mission of Jesus and place our gifts and talents in God’s service

3. For the grace of humility: that we may enter into the woundedness and vulnerability of the human family, be guided as we accompany others, and allow God to bring us to wholeness  

4. For the grace to listen: that we may recognize the many ways that God calls us, invites us to life, and provides opportunities for us to respond

5. For a new springtime of justice: that we may strive to fulfil all righteousness in our words, actions, and relationships so that God may be glorified in all things

6. For a renewed awareness of God’s covenant with us: that we may abide in God’s commitment to be our God and perceive the length and breadth of God’s love for us

7. For the grace of fidelity: that we may be faithful to God in every part of our life and that God will help us follow the commandments through loving God and our neighbour

8. For all who are preparing for baptism and for all who are newly baptized: that they may be transformed by the waters of new life and allow the Spirit of God to guide their growth in faith, wisdom, and holiness

9. For all who are discerning vocation choices: that God will give insight and courage to all who are discerning marriage, religious life, the single life, or ministry and help them to respond generously and lovingly

12. For all who are ill: that God’s Spirit will rest upon them, relieve their suffering, and restore them to wholeness

13. For greater respect for human life: that hearts may be opened to the value and dignity of all human life from conception until natural death

14. For impoverished nations who are struggling with the Coronavirus: that God will guide them in promoting the health of their citizens and move more prosperous nations to share recourses with them

15. For an end to the Coronavirus pandemic: that God will free us from this dangerous virus, make the vaccines effective, and help us rebuild our communities of faith

16. For all who have experienced violence: that God will heal their wounds and memories, free them from fear, and protect them from further harm

Keep safe and well.


Father James