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16th October 2020



Bulletin – Friday 16th October 2020


Services this week – In Church and on Facebook Live feed


Saturday 17th



5.00pm Mass


Mary Boyle


Sunday 18th

(29th Sunday of the Year)


10.00am Mass


People of the Parish


Monday 19th





Tuesday 20th


7.00pm Mass


Brigid, Anthony & Frank Sharkey


Wednesday 21st


10.00am Mass


Tom McGougan


Thursday 22nd  


9.30am Adoration

10.00am Mass



Jean Smith


Friday 23rd


10.00am Mass


Catriona McKinnon


Saturday 24th


10.00am Mass

5.00pm Mass


Intentions of Woods Family (B’island)

People of the Parish


Sunday 25th


10.00am Mass


Brenda Slater



Attendance at Mass:

To assure a place for the Saturday Vigil or Sunday morning Mass please use Eventbrite: If you wish to come along without using Eventbrite and places are available you will be very welcome.   For those who did not wish to come into Church building there is the possibility of following Mass in your car (live via Facebook) and coming to the Fire Door to receive Holy Communion.






October is Mission Month, when the Church focuses on the missions, missionaries and the work of the Missio Scotland. As there is no second collection this year, please consider donating at

and keep those who preach Christ across the world in your prayers. Read the inspiring stories of Missio’s work on the news and features section of


Catechesis for deaneries

The Archdiocese is running an exciting new series of catechesis events for adults, led by Sr Anna Marie McGuan RSM. The first take place at 2pm and 7pm on Monday 26 October for parishioners in the Fife deanery. It is titled ‘Life of Faith: Where does Prayer fit in?’ Registration details will be published soon on the Archdiocese’s Facebook page and website:


Reflection on the Liturgy for the 29th Sunday of Ordinary Time (Triona Doherty):

Continuing our reading of Matthew 22 today, the Pharisees are not impressed with Jesus’ teachings and decide to ‘entrap’ him, quizzing him about paying taxes. It is a dangerous question they ask because a simple yes or no response from Jesus could mean he is reported to the authorities. Jesus has no time for this and is quite direct with them asking: ‘Why are you putting me to the test, you hypocrites?’

The response is brilliant: ‘Give back to Caesar what belongs to Caesar - and to God what belongs to God.’ This text has sometimes been used to argue that religion should stay out of politics, economics or culture. However, the world we live in is one that falls short of the vision and values which Jesus preached: a dream of a world of love, peace, justice and compassion. Being a follower of Jesus means that one is actively involved in striving for this vision and this includes whatever political, economic or cultural issues we are confronted with. The focus in this passage is getting our priorities straight. Yes, give the emperor his taxes but do not forget what belongs to God i.e. God’s vision for this world.

The ‘empirical’ view and the ‘Christ-view’ of issues like direct provision, homelessness, evictions, the Black Lives Matter movement, climate action… are usually very different. The pharisees, we are told, ‘were amazed, left him and went away’.


Children’s Liturgy online: 

Resources are available on the Archdiocesan Facebook page and also



Deep in who we are

is who God is.

A light,

the same light

that lit God’s eye

when God first thought of us.

That was the imagination

of creation,

set free from heaven,

and placed in our hearts,

round which gathered soul

which grew

into us

and the promise we are.

And every so often

when we speak of God:

the justice that brings renewal,

the love that births universes,

the hope that speaks of reconciliation,

that light

round which soul has gathered


and burns through the skin,

and lights up our eyes,

for it is alive

and recognises

how close the kingdom

has come.


Stepping Stones for Prayer: It can be hard to know how to start with prayer or how to structure your prayer. Here are some tips to help you.




Reflection Intercessions for Daily Prayer  (Joe Milner):

For the Church: that we may manifest each day the work of faith, the labour of love, and the endurance of hope that is ours as God’s people

For the grace of discernment: that we may recognize the various motives in our hearts and respond to those that come from the Holy Spirit

For Wisdom: that God will guide us in being faithful citizens without compromising our discipleship and service of God

For growth in our commitment to God: that we may know God as the one and only Lord in our lives and fully dedicate ourselves to the service of God

For the conversion of our hearts: that the false gods of power, prestige, pleasure, and security may be dethroned so that the God of mercy, compassion, forgiveness, and justice may receive our service

For catechumens and candidates and all who are searching: that the Holy Spirit may open the power of the Gospel to them and lead them to a fuller life in Christ

For all God’s people: that formed in the image and likeness of God, we will manifest God’s presence in our workplaces, our families, and our society

For all government officials and employees: that they may wisely use their offices to promote justice and the common good

For greater respect for life: that the Holy Spirit will open all to a deeper recognition of the beauty and mystery of life in all its stages

For all who serve in mission territories: that God will strengthen their spirits and help them to be effective witnesses to the Gospel

For conversion from violence: that the Spirit of God will impel us toward resolving conflicts through dialogue and mutual cooperation

For all educational leaders: that God will give them insight and courage as they strive to balance the educational needs with the concerns for the safety of students and staff



Have a good week. Keep yourself and others safe. Count your blessings rather than your troubles. God bless. Father James