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Parish Priest:  Fr James G. Tracey

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Solemnity of Pentecost (Year C)

9 June 2019


Services this week:


Saturday 8 June


5.00pm Mass


John Connelly


Sunday 9 June


10.00am Mass


Margaret McGrath


Monday 10 June

(Mary, Mother of the Church)


No Mass or Service



Tuesday 11 June

(St Barnabus)


7.00pm Mass


Bishop Joseph Devine


Wednesday 12 June


9.00am Mass


Peter Lamont


Thursday 13 June

(St Anthony of Padua)


10.00am Service



Friday 14 June


10.00am Mass


Noreen Kopocinski


Saturday 15 June


10.00am Mass

5.00pm Mass


Kevin Murphy

Cynthia De Soyza


Sunday 16 June


10.00am Mass

Special Intention – Elizabeth Wainhouse



Confession: Tuesday 6.30pm; on request.


Thank you for your offerings last week.  Offertory £385; Building Fund £325; Contributions by Standing Order £299; Teas £75; Papers £10. Attendance 201.  Money Counters this week: Team 3.


Teas/Coffee in the Church Hall after Mass on Sunday and Service on Thursday. All welcome.


An Invitation to Believe: How appreciating the mosaics of the Churches of Rome encourages us to believe and worship – Chapel Royal, Falkland, Friday 28 June, 7.00pm. Teresa Keenan will speak on how visiting the churches of Rome can be a time of deepening in our faith. If you have visited or intend to visit Rome, come to hear this talk, so that you will appreciate more fully the meaning of the mosaics of the churches you have visited or will visit. Contact Parish Office 01592 756758,

Entrance is free, and while booking is not essential, it would be good to know how many are coming. Please note that there is no disabled access to the Chapel.


New Dawn in Scotland - Catholic Pilgrimage Conference, 8-12 July, St Andrews. Annual Rosary Procession and open air Mass, Thursday 11 July. See notice board for further information or visit


National Catholic Youth Pilgrimage – St Andrews 31 August. See notice board for further information. To book a place contact Youth Initiative at  


Today’s Liturgy: Have you ever watched a TED Talk? There are thousands available to view online. The powerful talks are generally less than 18 minutes long and cover a huge range of topics, from science to business to social and global issues. There are talks in more than 110 languages, and they are used in schools, businesses and many other settings, to educate, motivate, and open minds. While the speakers come from a variety of backgrounds, the one thing they have in common is their ability to communicate. For every talk I’ve listened to, the speaker has the audience in the palm of their hand. They are gifted communicators, with a passion for a particular subject, and the ability to draw their listeners in.  We often hear that in order to be a good communicator, we have to learn how to speak another person’s language. On the day of Pentecost, when the disciples were filled with the Holy Spirit, each of the people gathered heard them speaking in his or her own language. The ability to communicate and to be understood was the first gift they received from the Holy Spirit. Today, we need the gift of communication more than ever. There are times when we have the opportunity to share our faith, or to witness to others in the way we live our faith. We might feel that we struggle to share our faith in a way that others can understand. In order to meet people where they are, we first need to ‘speak their language’ – to know them, listen to them, and recognise God’s presence in them. The Spirit that came upon the early believers is the same Spirit that guides us today.      (Triona Doherty)